Kiilto Steel bathroom pod system

The Kiilto steel bathroom pod’s waterproofing system can be used in renovations when the tiles can be laid over the steel element. We recommend that you use Kiilto Kerafiber or Kiilto KeraPro products to perform wet room repairs in a steel bathroom pod system.

A steel bathroom pod system renovation is easy if you follow Kiilto’s clear instructions. 

  • Remove all fixtures, change wall drains into floor drains, and remove all loose material and dirt from surfaces. 
  • Level the floor again, correcting any inclination errors, and filling in any grooves in the bottom part of the steel element. 
  • Once the walls have been cleaned, any steel surface holes and seams should be sealed to form a single, properly sealed wall surface. After this, apply a special primer to the walls.
  • Use a special adhesive for the wall tiles, and an additive in grouting. 
  • The floor’s waterproofing can be done over the screed, fixing any inclinations that may still be present. The floor’s waterproofing should be raised onto the wall surface.

The working instructions for Kiilto steel bathroom pod system describe the process clearly with photos. It is important to follow these instructions carefully.

Our working instructions illustrating the principle of steel bathroom pod system renovation can be used as a basis for describing your own site. Working instructions explaining the principles of working with a specific waterproofing system are available in our document bank. Select system instructions separately for the floor and wall, if necessary.

Kiilto material card has a list of the products required for steel bathroom pod systems, in table format. This card will help with planning and the calculation of the required materials, and serve as support for the project’s documentation.

The Kiilto detail bank contains the steel bathroom pod system’s diagram, detail no. VE100. The detail can be downloaded in PDF format for reference at various stages of renovation. It can be modified, depending on the item, in AutoCAD by downloading a DWG file from our document bank, or directly from our ProdLib library.

Additional information about the Kiilto Steel bathroom pod system: