Building information – pipe renovation

Documents and a clear framework for the different stages of a project

The Building Information website includes a description of how a pipe renovation project proceeds stage by stage. Websites are in Finnish. The page provides clear and easy-to-follow instructions, and useful links to instructions and written material.  

We have created a stage-by-stage description of the Kiilto pipe renovation (above) using the Building Information template. This enables you to use information from Kiilto services and project-support documentation at each stage of a pipe renovation.

BUILDING INFORMATION – Product information; building material details with a barcode from a cloud service

For product and technical details related to Kiilto’s building supplies and quality assurance documents, see our handy RT product information application.

You can look for products on the application’s website or download the mobile version from your app store. The application enables you to scan the product’s barcode from the product catalogue, or at the building site from the package, and receive the details on your mobile device immediately. These documents are available and you can share them with others without waiting or the need to make separate requests.