7. Completion and property maintenance

Once the repair work is ready, the building’s maintenance manual will be compiled, and we will ensure that the life cycle goals and humidity management are realised. Tighter documentation and observation-recording requirements call for the more accurate collection of information and archiving.

The designer may already have the necessary information and documents for the selected construction products and/or systems. This means that quality assurance and maintenance documentation will not have to be traced back later. If products are chosen as the work progresses, the required documents are compiled separately.

Kiilto’s maintenance manuals for wet rooms are in the document bank in their own folder. Uploading this content is quick and easy – the material can be added to any Kiilto waterproofing system plan. This means that recycling, maintenance, working and quality assurance documents do not have to be sought elsewhere. 

Other Kiilto product documentation, such as Safety data sheet and Declaration of Performance, are available on their products’ own web pages.