1. Site’s life cycle

A. Building’s life cycle targets

A site’s future targets are determined on the basis of the long-term plan for the site. At this point, it may be necessary to determine the building’s condition through assessments, investigations, and reviews, and to set the maintenance periods, repair needs and timetables of the building’s premises and structures.

Kiilto can assist with the specification and study of structures and building materials. If necessary, we can assess the asbestos content of materials or look for other compounds or substances in materials or air samples. 

A preliminary assessment of repair implementation and material choices should already be made when setting life cycle targets.

B. Technical lifetime of structures and construction components

A technical lifetime target must be determined for the building, structures and construction components. 

Construction products are made specifically for the site in question, and tested according to standard practice. A system-specific technical lifetime is also determined for construction products. 

Waterproofing systems, for example, are tested according to ETAG, meaning that the expected technical lifetime of a certified system should be 25 years. This period can be used as the technical lifetime and the basis for planning and quality assurance. In practice, waterproofing materials used in wet rooms have been found to last even longer, provided the room is properly maintained.

The Building Information website has a clear and easy-to-use pipe renovation flowchart with links to instructions, recommendations and documents for the various stages of a project.