ProdLib product library

Kiilto now offers designers a wide range of construction-related topical material via the ProdLib service. Downloadable detail drawings and documents, on issues such as the building and sealing of wet rooms, are available from the Kiilto product library.

Designers will find a wide range of useful documents in the library.
"With our service, designers can compare and select systems and products, and check their technical details. They can also use detail drawings directly from the AutoCAD program in the ProdLib product library, and add them to their designs. As moisture control regulations tighten, we have also assembled a comprehensive set of maintenance manuals and topical information for designers. You can download the maintenance manuals and quality assurance documents easily, as complete packages divided by system," says Tanja Starck, Project Manager, Kiilto Construction.

Designers can use the ProdLib product library free of charge.

Download Kiilto's design material from the ProdLib product library