M1 emission classification

What is M1 emission classification?

Emission classification of building materials refers to indoor air quality standards for materials used in regular work and residential facilities. The classification applies to individual companies and products, and applying for it is voluntary. Emission classifications for building materials are granted by the Building Information Group (Rakennustietosäätiö – RTS).

Sisäilmayhdistys Ry (the Indoor Air Association in Finland) has developed a more extensive classification system, Indoor Air Classification 2018, which includes the RTS’s emission classifications. This helps construction and HVAC designers, contractors, and material and equipment manufacturers to ensure the creation of a healthier environment and buildings.

M1-classified building products have been tested in neutral laboratories, having fulfilled the M1 criteria in standard conditions.

Extract m1.rts.fi:

The only criteria concerning the substance content of building materials is set for leveling compounds, putties, screeds, mortars, fillers and plasters. These type of products must be free of casein.

All classified products can be found via the RTS search service, sorted by product and company, and in accordance with their Talo2000 classification. Products that cannot be found in this way have not been classified.

For example, when you select any of Kiilto’s six waterproofing systems, you can build your site using fully M1-classified products. The systems may also overlap. By using Kiilto systems, you can be sure of meeting the more stringent M1 classification for indoor air.