6. Construction and supervision

During pipe renovation it is important that the project manager, construction workers and supervisors receive up-to-date information and assistance when necessary. Repairs are easier to do with the help of a good plan and clear instructions. 

Supervisors and contractors can make use of details designed with Kiilto systems alongside other design material, when implementing their preferences. For example, if it has been agreed that a contractor will select the most suitable screed or materials for the waterproofing substrate, these can be indicated in the designer’s options in the plans. This means that the selection and information on the product used will be saved in the plan and thereby also for the building’s users.

Product details related to supervision are easy to check in the design page’s comparison table in the document bank. For example, you can check accessories — such as floor drain flanges and penetration materials — approved for waterproofing systems in the same product range.