4. Technical design: Choosing a designer

The persons in charge of the site will select a designer and consultant to handle all the necessary measurements, evaluations, comparison of choices and solutions required for the project, including the drawings and other technical and design documents and tasks. Once the design is ready, it will be presented to the companies, decision-makers and authorities as agreed.

We advise you to make use of the material manufacturer’s expertise and experience when planning a pipe renovation. Good planning can prevent problems during implementation. A good designer will also take account of the contractor and provide a clear set of documents for easy understanding of how to implement the project.

The designer must include several instructions specific to the material manufacturer’s systems, so that products and systems are as easy as possible to find. 

We have also taken advance account of the contractor and user in design material, making it easy for the designer to implement the details and material. Using the Kiilto document bank, even designers new to the system can implement a wet room safely, ensuring that proper account is taken of product ranges.

Kiilto’s wet room details guide designers to focus on key issues in wet rooms, preventing unnecessary questions and the need for design on site once work has already started. Kiilto’s wet room details can also be used on sites implemented according to the Kuivaketju10 model. AutoCAD details and PDF files can be easily downloaded from the document bank.

Kiilto’s Waterproofing systems’ comparison table is a good tool for comparing different systems. The table includes a list of all system properties, such as technical values and use recommendations side by side.