Kiilto Pro Design content is directly available via the Finnish Kuivaketju10 model

Kiilto’s design documentation helps designers, commissioners of construction projects, customers, supervisors and other project participants to comply with good building practices. Detail drawings help designers and commissioning parties to select building supplies and remind them of the need for quality assurance and its verification in construction of various kinds. Clear account has been taken of moisture control in construction projects, with content being made directly available at sites seeking compliance with the Kuivaketju10 operating model. Based on our document bank material, detail drawings and work instructions can easily be added to designs, or supplement maintenance manual content, in accordance with the on-site solutions being used.

Kiilto’s maintenance manual content makes verification of moisture control in accordance with the Kuivaketju10 risk list easy. Material choices can be marked in the detail drawings and adjustments can be added to the work instructions. You can easily download quality assurance documents for materials, and the required working instructions, from the same place. We will be delighted to help you select the right materials and learn how to use them, and can advise on the preparation of working method demonstrations at the site.

All Kiilto waterproofing systems are reliable and approved options for the building of wet rooms in accordance with the Kuivaketju10 operating model. In addition, all of our waterproofing systems are certificated and can be used in line with Kuivaketju10 when building a wet room within a construction. Four ways of overlapping systems in accordance with standards, including between sites, have been tested in line with the M1 emission classification for building materials. Finnish design materials for these systems are available from our document bank.

At Kiilto, we advise and assist with various phases of construction, and have taken account of instructions for users and facility use in the post-construction phase. We want to help project participants with documentation management and quality assurance. We ease the smooth completion of projects by taking special care to verify that measures on the risk list have been realised. See the maintenance manual content in the document bank for material such as our user instructions and maintenance cleaning guidelines on wet rooms. Download these documents from our website and attach them to the building’s maintenance manual.

What is Kuivaketju10?

Kuivaketju10 is an operating model for construction in Finland. The Kuivaketju10 model is maintained and further developed by Rakentamisen Laatu RALA ry.

Greater attention is being paid to moisture control during construction. There is a desire for more effective monitoring and realisation of moisture control throughout a building’s lifecycle.

A decree was enacted in early 2018 (Ympäristöministeriön asetus rakennusten kosteusteknisestä toimivuudesta – Decree of the Finnish Ministry of the Environment on the effectiveness of moisture control technology in buildings) to reduce moisture damage in buildings. The decree requires the closer supervision and documentation of moisture control. In this regard, the new Kuivaketju10 model is viewed as a basis for good building practices in light of the forthcoming more-stringent regulation of moisture control. It is widely used in new builds around Finland.

Extensive research has been done on the emergence and causes of moisture damage. Such research has identified 10 distinct risks which are the key causes of moisture damage during building projects. It has also shown that successful management of these ten risks can avoid over 80% of the costs arising from moisture damage. So the Kuivaketju10 model requires on-site checks for these ten risks and the recording of their importance. If a risk is realised, the model provides instructions on how and at what stage of the project action must be taken. This ensures that account has been taken of the risk.

The operating model includes a central risk list that can be downloaded on-site, acknowledgement of recorded risks, and verification of the related measures. The purpose of the model is to ensure that moisture control risks are identified and reduced throughout the building’s lifecycle. The model progresses along a logical chain, which is monitored throughout the project.

A moisture coordinator is designated at the beginning of projects to be completed in compliance with the Kuivaketju10 model. This person is authorised by the customer to supervise and direct the implementation of Kuivaketju10. A key task involves the verification and approval of risk identification and verification, in line with the designers’ and contractor’s model.

Moisture control measures taken in line with Kuivaketju10 are documentedcarefully. Success in complying with the model is evaluated during the handover phase of the project. Kuivaketju10 status can be sought for the successful project.