Zinc coating for protecting steel structures from corrosion and for protecting parts. Base coating for painting. Finishing coat for bolted joints, penetrations and welded joints.

Cechy produktu

  • Protects steel surfaces from corrosion.
  • Suitable base coating for painting.

Protective coating for steel and other metal structures. For protecting untreated and painted as well as damaged surfaces. For protecting welded structures and parts. Base coating for further painting. Anti-corrosive substance in car body repair work. Finishing coat for drilling, penetrations, cutting points and welded joints. Thanks to its electrical conductivity, the spray can be used as a coating on intermediate structures, for example in spot welding.

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Sposób użycia

Remove grease and dirt from the surfaces. Shake the can until the mixing balls become loose. Keep shaking for a little while. Spray an even thin coat from a distance of 25 cm. After use, turn the can upside down and spray to clear the nozzle. Recommended temperature for use approx. +20 °C.

Składniki Efekt
Zinc powder Corrosion protection
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Acetone Solvent
Xylene Solvent