Lindhaus Robby Li-ion 2.0
Vacuum cleaner

Robby Li-ion 2.0 robot vacuum cleaner represents the next generation of autonomous vacuuming.

Low noise level, efficient vacuum motor, cylindrical rubber brush and Hepa-filtering guarantees excellent cleaning result in the most pleasant and elegant way possible. Machine’s sensor system recognizes obstacles and falls while also cleaning corners and next to walls efficiently. Low 8 cm profile ensures cleanliness also from under fittings and furniture. Efficient 3-stage filtration with Hepa allows Robby to do its own part in maintaining a steady air quality inside the rooms which it operates in.

Robby can independently climb obstacles and carpets as high as 1,5 cm and can adjust to different terrain levels including slight slopes. Six durable motors work together seamlessly in order for the facility users to enjoy the dust-free environment they truly deserve.

Cechy produktu

  • Machine height 8 cm
  • 3-stage Hepa filtration
  • Operating time 2 hours
  • Independent recharging

For intelligent vacuuming of floor surfaces in e.g. offices and smaller facilities

Kraj produkcji


Measurements (d/h)
32,5 / 8 cm
Net weight, incl. battery
3 kg
Tank capacity, dust
0,5 l
Tank capacity, water
0,4 l
Run time
120 min
Charging time
180-240 min
Noise level
54 dB
Motor power
28 W
Li-ion battery 14.4 V - 2.6 Ah
Cylindrical brush
Side brush, 2 pcs
Motor filter