Lindhaus LS50 Hybrid
Carpet and Floor Vacuum Cleaner

Multifunctional upright vacuum cleaner for cleaning of larger areas. The machine can be operated with batteries and cord, and uses a powerful brush motor with cylinderical brush. Lindhaus LS50 is designed to be used in medium-sized and large areas, in which there is also the need to access to low profile and tight places. Low structure in the front and adjustable handle system makes it possible to use the LS50 in many different areas.

Good brush pressure and smooth movement ensures optimal cleaning results. All the user needs to do is to guide the machine wherever needed, the machine will do the rest. Daily use and maintenance is simple: brush and squeegee is easy to remove without any tools, and the dust bag container is removable and easy to clean. The machine comes with internal charger and cord.

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Working width
46 cm
75 cm
51 cm
107 cm
Weight, incl. batteries
55 kg
Operating time, total
n. 2,5 h
Operating time, batt.
n. 1,5 h
Operating time, cord
n. 1 h
Noise level
62 dB
Electrical cord
15 m
Brush rotation speed
1200 rpm
Internal charger
Charging time
3 h
Cylindrical brush, black
Battery 12 V / 2 x 38 Ah
Cylindrical brush, red
Dust bag, 5 pcs
Brush for suction hose
Hepa filter