L 5003 Solven

Solvent-based laundry booster for washing severely soiled textiles, such as oily and greasy overalls.

Cechy produktu

  • Low-foam
  • For particularly soiled and oily laundry
  • Excellent oil dissolution capacity

For washing very soiled and oily overall, other working clothes and rugs.


pH produktu: 13
pH roztworu: 10.5


appr. 1030 g/l

Wygląd i zapach

Transparent yellowish liquid

Kraj produkcji



Must be stored at over + 5°C. Shelf life 3 years.

Sposób użycia

2–6 g/kg of laundry

Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

The surfactants are biodegradable in wastewater treatment. Empty rinsed containers can be reused as material or for energy

Składniki Efekt
Non-ionic surfactants (15-30 %) Greasy soil removal.
Butyldiglycol (5-15%) Greasy soil removal.
Amphoteric surfactants (< 5 %) Particular soil removal
Orange oil terpene (< 5 %) Oil solvent
Anti-foaming agent (< 5%) Reduces foaming.