Kiilto Brilliant

Rinse aid developed particularly for soft and medium-hard water and plastic dishes.

Cechy produktu

  • Speeds up the drying of dishes
  • Particularly for plastic dishes
  • Prevents the forming of limestone deposit

Rinse aid for automatic dishwashing in soft and medium-hard water.


pH produktu: 7
pH roztworu: 7

Wygląd i zapach

Transparent, red unscented liquid

Kraj produkcji



Must be stored in over +5°C. Shelf life 5 years.

Sposób użycia

Dosed with an automatic rinse aid dispenser, approx. 0.1 ml/1 litre of rinsing water.
The rinsing temperature should be 80–85°C.

Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

The ingredients are rapidly biodegradable in wastewater treatment. Empty rinsed containers can be reused as material or for energy. The transport packages are recyclable brown corrugated board.


Limestone deposits may be form in very hard water conditions, which requires limestone removal whenever necessary.

Składniki Efekt
Non-ionic surfactants (15-30 %) Reduces the surface tension of the water, prevents the forming of foam. Moistens dirt.
Dispersant (< 5 %) Prevents the forming of limestone deposits in dishwashers rinsing part, protects the parts of the machine from corrision. Increases cleaning efficiency.

non-ionic tensides 15-30%, dispersing agents <5%, colour