Kiilto Bright

Rinse-aid for machine dishwashing. Speeds up the drying of the dishes. Finalise the end result of dishes.

Cechy produktu

  • Prevents the formation of foam in the washing compartment
  • Prevents water spots
  • Leaves the dishes shiny

Rinse-aid for machine dishwashing.


pH produktu: 7
pH roztworu: 6.5

Wygląd i zapach

Clear, green, unscented liquid.

Kraj produkcji



Storage in original packages at a temperature over +5 °C. Shelf life 5 years from the manufacturing date.

Sposób użycia

Dosage through an automatic rinse-aid dozer approx. 0.1 ml/1 l rinsing water.

Rinsing temperature 80-85°C

Wash full loads whenever possible. Avoid using dosages larger or smaller than the recommended amount. Wash at the lowest possible hygienic temperature.

Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

Surfactants are biodegradable in wastewater treatment. Empty, rinsed containers can be used as material or energy. The transport packages are recyclable brown corrugated cardboard.

Składniki Efekt
Non-ionic surfactants (> 30 %) Lowers the surface tension of the water
Anionic surfactants (<5 %) Stabilizer