Steam Generator

IPC SG-30 steam generator is an excellent choice for any situation demanding for steam cleaning. The machine comes fully equipped with different accessories, which ensures cleaning access to variety of surface materials and areas.

SG-30 has features such as adjustable steam output, spacious and easy to empty dirty water tank and cushioned, ergonomic hand for easy transport. Simple and handy operating panel informs the user of the current status of the machine (pressure, steam, amount of water). Filling of the fresh water tank is fast and simple with a filling bottle supplied with the machine, and there is a signal to inform the user of low water volume. Adding of water can be done while the machine is in use.

SG-30 is quick to take into use when and wherever necessary, since the steam is warmed into +140 °C in just 7 minutes. Five meters long cord and 2,5 meters of suction/steam hose makes it possible to reach even furthest areas.

Kraj produkcji


57 cm
40 cm
65 cm
Net weight
12 kg
Fresh water tank
2 l
Dirty water tank
7 l
Detergent tank
1,5 l
Suction motor
1070 W
Heating coil
2000 W
5 m
5,5 bar
Steam temperature
+140 °C
Power Flex hand grip and hose
Accessories kit