IPC CT 81 BT 55
Scrubber dryer

Modern and high-end, trustworthy ride-on scrubber dryer for daily cleaning of medium-sized and large areas. Suitable for any hard surface from healthcare to logistical facilities. Locations that require daily cleaning are marked with yellow touch points, and technical service has immediate access to maintain wearing parts of the machine when necessary.

Mobility in narrow areas is excellent thanks to light steering. Optional accessories include an automated dosing system of detergent, which ensures the correct amount of detergent at all times. Clear operating panel makes quick changes of attributes and settings possible. Automated brush attachment and removing makes the change quick and effortless.

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Working width/Pad size
53 cm/21"
Measurements (l/w/h)
131/67,3/103 cm
Suction width
71 cm
Net weight, incl. batteries
204 kg
Freshwater tank
80 l
Dirty water tank
83 l
Brush motor
400 W
Suction motor
480 W
Operational efficiency
3300 m²/h
Operating time
180 min
Noise level
65 dB
Brush rotation speed
150 rpm
Brush pressure
22 kg
Integrated charger
Charging time
7 h
Operating time/full tank
90 min
Battery 12 V / 2 x 105 Ah
Suction blades
IMPVR06539 (front), IMPVR06540 (rear)
Pad holder
Suction equipment
Splash guard
Dosing system
Tool holder