F 75 Proddix
Additive for Lye

Additive for lye

Cechy produktu

  • Strongly alkaline.
  • The washing solution effectively dissolves the dirt into a water-soluble or water-mixable format.
  • Contains active ingredients that are important for washing, which facilitate the removal of dirt and prevent it from re-adhering to surfaces.
  • Lye consumption and the need for acidic washing are decreased.

Is used together with sodium hydroxide in circulate washing in food industry. An alkalic concentrate for lye-resistant pipes and containers.


pH produktu: 13

Wygląd i zapach

Clear, yellowish liquid

Kraj produkcji



Store tightly closed at a dry place with a temperature above 0 °C.

Sposób użycia

Add directly into the lye-water mixture.
Recommended dosage: 0.1% - 0.3% in lye-water mixture (0.7% - 3.0% NaOH).

Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

Surfactants in the product are biodegradable. Clean, empty packaging materials can be recycled environmental safety or used in energy production.

Składniki Efekt
EDTA (15-25 %) Softens water
Non-ionic surfactants (< 5 %) Removes dirt and lowers surface tension
Polycarboxylate (< 5 %) Softens water and disperses dirt
Phosphonates (< 5 %) Softens water and disperses dirt
Sodium hydroxide (< 5 %) Emulsifies grease and disperses dirt