F 268 Airol S

A cold disinfectant based on peracetic acid

Cechy produktu

  • The effect is based on a combination of hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid.
  • Active oxygen as active substance.
  • Non-foaming disinfectant that kills bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae and spores already at temperatures 5 to 20 °C.
  • Suitable for a wide range of applications. Fast-acting.

Do pobrania


Cold disinfection of piping, tanks, equipment and surfaces used by the food industry. Also suitable for bleaching of laundry washed at temperatures over 70 °C and disinfection in cold water.

Wygląd i zapach

Clear liquid


Store F 268 Airol S at temperatures ranging from 5 °C to 25 °C for the duration of a year in the original package, protected from sunlight. This product must not be stored together with other chemicals or inflammable materials.

Sposób użycia

Recommended dosage: 0.3 –1.3%, the temperature of application is 5 –20 °C
Please contact our representative for more instructions.

Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

Clean, empty packaging materials can be recycled environmental safety or used in energy production.


F 268 Airol S easily bio-disintegrates, forming water, carbon dioxide and oxygen, both in soil and water.
Remember the safe use of biocides. Always read label and safety data sheet carefully before use.

Składniki Efekt
Peracetic acid (5 %) Disinfective effect
Hydrogen peroxide (25 %) Disinfective effect