Erisan Oxy+

An effective hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid disinfectant in single-use sachets. For non-invasive medical devices, healthcare textile materials and body fluid stain disinfection. Granulated powder activates in water solution.


Healthcare area: Surface and instrument disinfection, for blood and secretion stain disinfection - for medical devices and equipment and critical surfaces.

The product is ideal for disinfecting healthcare textile materials at 40-60 ° C in normal length washing programs.

It is also suitable for the disinfection of dentures and efficient dental suction systems.

Erisan Oxy+ can be used as a disinfecting detergent in ultrasonic washers.

A medical device for professional use.


pH roztworu: 7.5

Wygląd i zapach

White granules, dissolved in water

Kraj produkcji



Shelf life 2,5 yrs. 5 - 25°C

Sposób użycia

Wipe contaminated surfaces with a cloth/single-use-wipe moistened with the disinfectant solution. Rinse surfaces after disinfection if necessary.

Instructions for spesific use areas are listed in the chart.



Erisan Oxy+




Preservation of clean solution

Disinfection of surfaces, medical devices

Body fluid stain disinfection

1 pack/ 2,5 l water

1 pack/1 l water

1 pack/2,5 l water

1 pack/1 l water





Bacteria, noro- ja
adenovirus, yeasts 2%,
fungi 5%.



1 week

2 days

1 week

2 days

Disinfection of instruments (immersion),

and denture

1 pack/2,5 l water

1 pack/1 l water





Bacteria, mycobacteria, noro- and adenovirus, yeasts

2% 30 min or 5% 15 min in a covered container. Rinse the instruments with clean water. 

1 week

2 days

Change the used dilution daily or more often, if needed.

High level disinfection

1 pack 

5 %

30 min (also polio and spores), rinse with clean water or sterile aqua

2 days

Ultrasonic cleaning

1 pack/1-2,5 l water


1-5 min washing cycle, total soaking time 15 min.

Change daily

Dental suction units

1 pack/1-2,5 l water

 2 %

Use 1 l ready-made solution, rinse next morning


Washing and disinfecting  textiles

1 pack

and c. ½ amount of washing powder in the doser/ 5 kg 

 0,5 %

Washing machine, 40 – 60°C with  normal washing cycle/5 kg laundry


Ochrona środowiska i bezpieczeństwo

Serious incidents in relation to Erisan Oxy+ disinfectant are to be reported to and the local medical device authority.

Read the safety and protection instructions of the product safety data sheet.

Biodegradable. Recyclable packaging.


Some foaming occurs in the surface of the solution when dissolving. Prepare the solution in a large enough container. While preparing a 5 l canister of 2 % solution, measure c. 2,5 l of lukewarm water, pour two sachets of Erisan Oxy+ in the canister and let dissolve. After the granules have dissolved, add rest of the water. Close the cap lightly, as some carbon dioxide will be released from the solution.

Follow the instructions given by manufacturer of devices product is used for.

Do not use product if solidified.